Originally created for some of the leaders in the Aerospace industry, Lubri-Cut has become one of the many items required by procedure for a multitude of applications.  Recently, the benefits of this amazing, cost efficient lube have been recognized by leaders in other segments of the manufacturing world.  In addition to having outstanding metalworking properties, Lubri-Cut has fantastic lubricating characteristics for a myriad of other applications. The bottom line is, due to the high percentage of Beeswax in the Lubri-Cut formula, Lubri-Cut can be used instead of other popular products with better results.


Lubri-Cut #1 was originally formulated for band sawing and other harsh sawing / parting type processes.  Eventually this product was converted by the Aerospace industries to a variety of other metalworking applications.

Such as:


Screw Machine Applications



Forming Operations


Both versions of Lubri-Cut can be mixed as an additive to oil based cutting formulas to greatly increase their effectiveness.